Anglophile - Someone who holds an extremely romanticised view of England and the English

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - Candice Swanepoel leaving a Michael Kors charity photoshoot in Manhattan’s Tribeca district.


Just a reminder for all of you sitting high school exams and are putting in your uni preferences, that this choice will not haunt you forever! You can change courses 6 months, 2 years or 40 years later! Don’t stress, if you aren’t enjoying your course, take some time and change. Don’t ever feel like your doomed to do something that your unhappy with. You always have the choice to be happy!!!

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"I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me."

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Cala Goloritze

my sisters amazing photo from her europe trip!

Blueberry and ricotta hotcake @tamrob2



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